Buying the right fishing gear in Dubai is an excellent investment if you’re into fishing generally. A lot of manufacturers are out there producing thousands of products. But which ones are good enough to use in the UAE waters? When you visit a fishing gear shop in Dubai, you will get confused, what to buy, what size and color! It’s confusing and can make you spend money on things you will use one time only, put it up for sale for someone else to use another time and it goes on.  

Fishing Gear Recommended for Kayak Fishing

Fishing Gear in Dubai

Fishing Rods

Choosing your next fishing rod is not an easy task. It all depend on what fishing style are you going to adapt to. Trolling, jigging and casting are three commonly used types of fishing here in Dubai, and each type has a specific rod made for it. There is no single rod that can serve all three. Technology has advanced and you will be surprised with the results if you follow the guidelines. 

Jigging Rods, Saltwater jigging rods are usually not so stiff, they flex more than other rods and they are generally shorter.  

Casting Rods, These rods are similar to jigging rods but they are longer and a bit more stiff. They are made so you can cast your jig or lure a longer distance. 

Trolling Rods, They are stiffer and shorter than both jigging and casting rods. These rods can take a lot of punishment. 

Rods now have different options and it’s a bit complicated to understand. Some have different action and different power.  these images will show you the difference: 

Fishing Rod Action
Fishing rod power

If you are going to do slow vertical jigging, then choose a rod that has slow or medium action with light to medium power. The most important thing is that you need to feel the movement of your jig. Every rod comes with jig weight recommendation. Use the correct jig weight with the recommended jig weight printed on the rod. We commonly use light jigging gear here in Dubai, jig weights between 20g to 40g max. 

Ask your local fishing gear shop about the best fishing rod to buy that will serve you best. At least you know the difference now. You can’t use a trolling fishing rod for Jigging. 

Fishing Reels

Few types of fishing reels are available in the market, we exclusively use two types only in Dubai: 

Spinning Fishing Reel,

Due to it’s ease of use and versatility this is the most popular reel in the world. The way you cast a spinning reel is you flip up the metal bail wire, which releases the line for a cast. Flip the metal wire down, and it locks the line in place. This reel can be used for casting, jigging or even trolling. 

Conventional Fishing Reel,

These fishing reels are made for heavy duty deep sea fishing or trolling. They can handle stronger, longer, heavier lines to tackle big fish but take more time to get used to.

Spinning fishing reel
Conventional fishing reel

Fishing Lines

Fishing lines continues to evolve with new innovations every year, and they only get better. We will explain the 3 major lines used in Dubai and they are, monofilament, braid, and fluorocarbon. 

Monofilament Fishing Lines, also known as “Mono”. This is the most used fishing line worldwide. Known for being easy to work with, stretchy, easy to make knots with, and inexpensive. But they have low sensitivity qualities, makes it hard to detect light bites. They also affect lure action and have a shorter life spam. They make good trolling lines though. 

Braided Fishing Lines, every angler’s favorite these days! They are thin but strong, allows you to pack more meters onto your reel and have a longer life spam and they are very sensitive. Braided lines don’t stretch, this is why you will feel the lightest bite and it will increase your hoockup rates. Can be more visible to the fish and can be challenging to make knots with them, but they make great jigging lines.

Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines, These are the latest and most expensive lines in the market. Used in Dubai as leader lines only. Known for being near invisible under water, low-stretch quality, good sensitivity and it’s strength. The only downside to this line is the value. 

Fishing Lures

Fishing lures are types of artificial fishing baits used to attract fish. Lures come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Fishing lures shaped and colored to resemble real bait fish or other pray. They’re made out of a solid or hollow piece of plastic, with a thin sheet of metal or plastic attached to the front called the lip. Lures feature two or three treble hooks. Depending on the design, lures can float, sink, dive, or hover. We will only discuss the two types that works in Dubai.

Casting Lures, They feature a small lip so it won’t dive much. We usually cast them when we see a frenzy while sitting or standing on the kayak. They should be retrieved quickly after landing in the water. A predatory fish will see the lure and swallow it. Fish on!

Natural colors casting lure
tiger casting lure
red white casting lure

Trolling Lures, They feature large plastic lips and they dive deeper (3 to 9 meters). Look at the package and select the diving depth you like depending on the depth of the spot you’re going to use it for. Learn more about Trolling.

6m trolling lure
(m deep diver
Deep diver lure

Fishing Jigs

There are a lot of types of Jigs around the world, and here in Dubai we use one type only. The commonly used jig in Dubai is a solid piece of Stainless Steel featuring multiple type of hooks. It sinks to the bottom and anglers start retrieving them up slowly. Learn more about Jigging. 

Jigging fishing ure
Stanless steel jig
Jigging lure

Fishing Gear Essentials

Fish whacker

Fish Whacker Hammer

Used for hitting the fish on it's head. If the fish is a keeper, has scary teeth or too dangerous to land on your kayak, you need to whack it on it's head.

Hook Remover

Hook Remover

Used for removing hooks from the mouth of the fish. There are many types but the one in the photo can reach deep into the mouth of the fish.

Fishing gaf

Fishing Gaff

If you're not planning to loose your catch, then use a gaff to hook it and land it on your kayak immediately. You never know when a fish gets unhooked.

Fishing Pliers

Fishing Pliers

A small tool that comes in handy. This multi tool can cut lines, remove hooks and tighten knots. A must have fishing gear.

Fish gripper

Fish Gripper

Best tool to grab a fish from it's mouth. Easy to use, locks well and firm. This is a must have for every angler.

Kayak rod holder

Rod Holder

If you're planning to go trolling, then you need two of these. One on each side right in front of you. Makes handling rods much easier.

Fishing Gear Tips

  • Wash your gear with freshwater after contact with saltwater.
  • Tie your gear to your kayak or your PFD with a leash. It is easy to loose gear while fishing. 
  • Maintain your fishing gear every once in while and use lubricants to keep them running smooth.

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