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Kayak fishing safety

Kayak Fishing Safety Tips and Recommendations

Saltwater Kayak fishing is one of the most amazing and rewarding outdoor sports in the world. It’s a workout, a stress-reliever, versatile, and adventurous. It can be dangerous if you are not paying attention to it’s rules! It is risky and sometimes scary but full of thrills in the same time. We recommend you read the below before you take your kayak in the deep water, and please take kayak fishing safety seriously.

Be Seen

You and your kayak are too small to be seen in the open water. Large boats are always present and if you’re not visible enough, they might run over you. This has already happened as the anglers were not really visible to the boat captains.  Please make sure you install a long pole with a bright colored flag at the end (Orange or Red color flags will do the job). Make sure you wear bright colors too if possible. Keep away from locations with high boat traffic. When you see a boat coming from far, stand up and wave with your hands. If the boat is still heading towards you, change course and navigate away.

Life Jacket

Also known as a personal flotation device PFD, it comes in different colors and shapes. Kayaks make it easy for us to venture into deeper water, you should always be ready to handle bad situations such as flipping over or a serious damage in your kayak. It will be a long way back if you’re swimming. A PFD will help you float and makes your bad experience a bit easier and maybe save your life. Never go kayak fishing without taking your PFD with you and the essential fishing gear we recommend. Attaching a whistle to your PFD is a great idea, use it to notify nearby boats when you need help.

We recommend buying the inflatable PFD, it’s lighter and more comfortable. See below images.

Yellow PFD
Life jacket
Orange PFD

Find a Partner

A lot of things could go wrong, and having a fishing partner near you could also be a life saver. Seasickness, injury, fatigue, dehydration are a few things that could happen to you while stranded alone in the sea. Your chances of survival are higher if you have a friend around. ,


We fish in the open sea and it’s their territory, this is a fact! Expect to have encounters with a shark, a stingray or even a sea snake. They are there, around us and even swimming in shallow water. Always be careful when handling a fish, some of the fish we catch have long sharp teeth and can cause serious injuries. Grab these fishes from the their mouth with tools. If you’re planning to keep the fish, it is best if you have a small tool to hit them on their heads with before you land them on your kayak. Use your medical kit if you get hurt or call Emergency immediately. 


Think twice before making a decision whether to go fishing or skip it and call it a day!  Rough waters, strong currents, strong wind and dangerous lightning are enough reasons for you not to go. Mother nature can be very scary and do not take her for granted. Keep checking the weather at least 24 hours before going, download some weather apps and use them even while fishing. The weather could suddenly change! We have been through this and took refuge in nearby islands (We were lucky).  Let someone know where you’re going and send them your location. 

Kayak Fishing Safety Equipment

Club recommended kayak fishing safety equipment: 

  1. Emergency medical kit. You could get cut by a knife you’re using, or get bitten by a fish. 
  2. A short rope. To tow a friend’s kayak or yours. 
  3. A Walkie-talkie and or your mobile phone.
  4. Ice Box. Have plenty of fresh drinks and some snacks. 
  5. Duct Tape. Always come in handy! 
  6. Sunglasses.
  7. Sunblock cream. 
  8. Paddles (In case your pedaling machine breaks). 

Numbers to call in case of Emergencies

Don’t hesitate to call authorities if you are in danger and you need urgent assistance. Emergency assistance by the UAE Authorities is very fast and effective. Memorize the following two numbers.

996 for Coastguard

999 for Police

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