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Kayak fishing is one of the most relaxing yet adrenaline pumping activities at the same time. It can be very rewarding yet disappointing too! It’s addictive, unbelievably healthy and great fun. It takes a lot to master the game though. It’s a non ending learning game. We learn everyday, we learn from each other and we learn after making mistakes. Some of us went through the whole process all alone! It’s not so easy yet not complicated. It takes time to learn, and fishing is all about patience. Sometimes we catch a lot and other times we go back with nothing. It’s never great without great friends who share the same passion with you. Here are four common types of fishing here in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Learn All Types Of Fishing Easily


Using artificial baits is now so popular around the world. It’s very effective, less messy than live bait and easy to change out. Jigging is fairly new in the fishing world, it is easy to learn and catch fish with. Great for beginners and became one of the most effective types of fishing.

A jig is heavy and meant to drop down all the way to the bottom of the sea. The motion of lifting up the jig with the rod then let it drop again without reeling, is called jigging. This will resembles a moving/injured fish and predatory fish cannot resist it. All you have to do is drop down your jig and let it sink to the bottom. Let it sit there for few seconds, jiggle it for a bit. Reel it up a meter and jiggle it again. Drop it again and repeat. If no takers, let the jig hang suspended for a moment when you reel up all the way. Some fish will attack the jig while you’re reeling up. 

The right gear setup matters a lot. Most of us use light gear in Dubai, and we call it light jigging. A rod that is not stiff (Medium to fast action), a 3000 size reel, a light braided line (PE 1 to 1.5) and a jig that is matching the recommended jig weight of the rod (Recommended jig weight for Dubai waters is between 20g to 40g). 


One of the most interesting types of fishing! It’s physically demanding and you must be prepared if you’re heading that way. Pedaling is way easier than paddling. So you are better off buying a pedaling kayak. Installing a motor is even better. So what is trolling then? 

It’s a very simple and easy way of catching predatory fish. Buy deep diver lures (3, 6 or 9m divers). Cast the first lure on your right hand side, and start moving, the lure will automatically dive to it’s limit which is designed for. Then cast the second lure on your left hand side and move again, it will also dive too. Now all you need is to keep moving until you hear one of your reels scream. The buzzing sound is music to the ears, this is when you start an amazing fight with a decent fish. We recommend using a 3m diving lure and another 9m diving lure at the same time. See illustrations below. 

Kayak Trolling top view
Kayak trolling side view


Another easy way of catching your salty lunch. It attracts surface feeding fish if there are any while you’re there (If you see surface activity and jumping fish, then cast cast cast). Buy a lot of casting lures (Different colors and shapes, scroll below and see fishing tips). Use your jigging rod or a rod made for casting (Usually longer than a jigging rod). Attach the casting lure and simply cast. Target a nearby fish frenzy, or close to a docked boat and any structure. Retrieve your lure quickly and you might get lucky with a decent strike. Keep casting and change your spot if you had no luck. It will eventually work. A sinking casting lure usually works best in Dubai waters. 

Live Bait Fishing

This is hardest and the most advanced types of fishing, it takes skills, experience and lots of knowledge to master one. It’s a large subject to talk about but we will cover the basics. You will make a lot of mistakes before you land the giant fish you are after. Live bait attracts large or very large fish including sharks. Handling a large fish with your rod, gear and setup is not easy. 

Live bait fishing requires serious equipment and unless you’re ready to invest in the right equipment, stick to other ways of fishing. 

Equipment you need:

  1. Livewell for live bait
  2. Sabiki
  3. Stiff rod
  4. A strong reel (Sizes 4000+)
  5. Steel wires
  6. Strong Hooks
  7. Strong fishing lines
  8. Weights

It all start with your Sabiki, if you don’t catch live bait you can’t continue. Look for live bait near rocks, bridges and structures. Catch as many as 4 or 5 and keep them in your livewell. Head inside the open water. Hook one of your live baits with a live bait rig (See image below). Throw your live bait rig in the water with the live bait hooked until the weight hits the bottom. Pull the weight up about one to two meters, and the waiting game starts.

Kayak live bait fishing
Live bait rig

Fishing Tips For All Types Of Fishing

This kayak fishing club is based on sharing and friendship. We started this so we can all enjoy the sport and our gathering on the water and during our casual meetings over BBQs and camping. We should all share our fishing tips and catch responsibly. Please respect the environment and return small fish back to the water so we can keep the sea healthy and let the coming generations enjoy this fantastic sport. Here are some fishing tips that will help you with all the above types of fishing:

Lures and Jigs colors, Use lures or jigs that has natural fish colors when the water is clear. The purpose of colors is to make your bait visible to the fish. When the water is clear, predator fish will spot the bait quickly. Use colored or dark lures when the water is murky, it will help the fish see your bait more clearly. 

Jigs weight, When vertical jigging, currents will make it hard for your jigs to stay in a vertical line. Use heavier jigs in this case. Best jig weigh for Dubai waters is between 20g to 30g. When the current is strong, use 40g to 50g max.

Water conditions, Try and plan your next kayak fishing trip when the water is calm and the tide is rising. There are a lot of mobile phone applications that can help you check the water condition in advance. 

Size does not matter, Believe it or not! You don’t have to go big to catch big. A lot of anglers caught large fish with very small lures and jigs. 

Gear Cleaning, Saltwater will have negative impact on your fishing gear. Make sure you wash your gear with fresh water after every fishing trip. This includes your fishing lines, reels, and everything else that got in contact with saltwater. Keep them clean, they serve you longer. 

Fish Bleeding, Make sure you bleed your fish as soon as you land it. This keeps the meat whiter and healthier. They even taste better! 

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