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Our own boys trip to Oman was a successful kayak fishing trip! Sounds great and maybe the next one will have more of us joining. 

Khor Najd fishing trip

Our Trip to Oman – Khor Najd..

It was an amazing trip, everyone was eager and so excited. I managed to swap my shift in order to join the trip, however it wasn’t so pleasant nor bad after all!

Around 14:00 Dubai time, I was ready to hit the road and catch up with the boys at the boarders. A few kilometers passed my place, everything loaded including my coffee for the road trip.  The car started to show some bad signs, the gear box wouldn’t respond properly and things were looking really bad! Surprisingly, I managed to reach the borders after 4 hours of fear. (the trip from my place should not exceed 02 hours).


I had to take a decision at the borders, thinking whether i should head back home or take my chances. “Love yourself as Gass says” I decided to move on and continue the adventure. I crossed the border, and on the road at some point the car would not respond at all! It was scary, very very scary and i started sweating.  I eventually made it to the spot! I had to remove my seat belt while driving up the mountain, just in case my car starts reversing by itself and won’t stop. Risky, i know!

Thankfully, i made it safely! We setup our camp site right next to the shore. The place was very peaceful, all we hear was the sound of the gentle waves touching the shore. Ashley made the best rib-eye stake i have ever tasted, he should be selling his recipe to the public. We spent the rest of the night chatting and discussing kayak fishing until we went to bed. Quality time with good friends, i am always up for it. 

Camping in khor najd
Kayak fishing trip

Next morning I was rewarded with some good size catches! (1) 6kg kingfish, (1) 7kg Cobia, (1) 2kg Kofar, (1) 3kg Sheri and (1) 4kg Trevally. All these catches were caught with 1 single jig of 30 grams, 20LB braid and a 4000 reel size. Headed back to shore like a champ. What a day! The water at Khor Najd was teeming with life, we had a blast all of us. We have released some fish, gave some to the poor locals we found near the shore and took some fish with us back home. 

Packed up all the camping gear, cleaned up our spot and left by 21:00. I crossed the Omani border and the car survived until i reached RAK, but my sweet Nissan Juke gave up on me at 21:00. I had to tow it back to Dubai, and sent it to the mechanic and got it fixed. 

Snapper kayak fishing
Monster fish on kayak
King fish caught in Oman

This kayak fishing trip taught me that whatever happens under any circumstances, there will always be something good to remember. Never forget “bad decisions makes good stories”.

Special thanks to Gass and Azzeddine whom suffered a lot with me and the late had to drive me all the way back to my place.

Stay safe and tight lines everyone.

Mohamed AKA Momo


kayak fishing trip catches

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