We love spending long hours kayak fishing and catching fish in this sunny weather of Dubai, wearing  suitable fishing clothing is very important. Just like any other outdoor activity, choosing the right fabric for your clothing could mean better comfort and performance.

Fishing Clothing For Dubai Weather

When choosing fishing clothing you should be looking for breathable fabrics that have a range of qualities including having a good stretch, being lightweight, whilst also weather resistant and offer great ventilation whilst exercising. “Fast drying”. These are available in fishing stores or can be ordered online. You can also order our club jersey, contact us to order.

Long sleeves dry-fit jerseys will be your best option for the upper body. The lower body can be covered with dry-fit sports pants, beach shorts with long swimming pants underneath or only shorts (Apply sunblock cream on your exposed skin in this case).

Cotton material is also possible if you can avoid getting wet. But cotton materials will take a long time to dry and it will increase your feeling of heat.

green jersey
long sleeve jersery

Fishing Hats

To avoid getting sun stroked, you will need to cover your head while kayak fishing in Dubai or anywhere in the United Arab Emirates. The below images shows different styles of commonly used hats by fellow kayak anglers.

Green fishing hat
straw hat
full face hat

Fishing Gloves

The below images are a few examples of what’s available in the market when it comes to hand protection while fishing. This is a personal preference and it’s up to you what to pick. 

white fishing cloves
green black gloves
red black gloves

Fishing Shoes

Breathability, traction and comfort are three important elements you need to look for when choosing your fishing shoes. The market offers loads of options and some of them have these three elements already. Look at the images below and get something similar.

blue breathable fishing shoes
Black fishing shoes
colorful fishing shoe

Fishing Clothing Tips

  • Avoid wearing bracelets, rings or anything metal while fishing. It will rust quickly.
  • Avoid wearing dark color clothing as they absorb heat very quickly.
  • Try wearing loose fit clothing for better comfort.
  • We recommend keeping a bottle of sunblock with you while kayak fishing. Apply on face and other exposed parts of your body when needed.

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