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Saltwater Kayaks Tips

Kayak fishing in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates is exclusive to saltwater only. We don’t have any rivers or natural lakes to practice the sport. If you are looking at saltwater kayaks, this is a must read for you then.

Kayak Quality

Kayak rudder

While there are many fishing kayak manufacturers and brands around the world. Before you buy your kayak, we strongly recommend you look at quality not only value. Dubai is a sunny city and your kayak will be exposed to the sun the whole time.

Cheap kayaks will crack quickly and you might put yourself at risk while fishing in the sea. Good quality fishing kayaks use high quality plastic and other components too. Kayak safety is important.

We spend long hours fishing on our kayaks, and we need to think of comfort. A wider kayak means more room for you to move and keep a lot of fishing gear on board. Wider kayaks offer more stability too and can decrease your chances of flipping over and losing all your fishing gear.  Some chose to buy narrow and long kayaks especially to help them move faster while trolling.

Essential Saltwater Kayaks Specifications


A few things are surely needed in a good saltwater kayak besides quality of build material:

  1. A good strong rudder (used for steering)
  2. A skeg (Should be deployed when you need to keep your kayak moving in a straight line)
  3. Pedaling machine. Also known as Miragedrive or Pedaldrive. (Used for hands free fishing)
  4. Storage (To keep fishing gear or freshly caught fish)
  5. Scupper holes ( To help drain out the water)
  6. Comfortable Seat (A must have to give proper support to your back)
  7. Rod holders (To keep your rods secured while moving or trolling)

Pedaling Machines

There are a few kayak pedaling machines available in the market. Some are equipped with fins and the others have propellers. Fins are knows for their quite operating sound, but propellers are quite louder. In other parts of the world, sea weed gets stuck in the propellers, while a pedal with fins can cut right through them without any issues. The propellers are quite slower than fins though. Pedal drives that are equipped with propellers are built stronger than pedal drives equipped with fins, and that alone is STRENGTH. Try moving over shallow waters while pedaling and you will surely break one of these fins. 


Pedal drive machines with propellers are also upgradeable! Feelfree produces one they call “OverDrive”, they offer an option where you can buy a motor that fits in the drive and will turn it into a proper kayak motor. Other manufacturers make decent motors that replaces their pedal drives. Some small companies came up with universal motors that can fit all kayaks. 

Electric kayak motor
toeqeedo evolve
Overdrive motor

Fishing in the open sea is physically demanding and you must be a bit fit to tackle waves and currents, especially when the sea is rough. Buying a traditional kayak with a paddle can cost you less, but it’s not a pleasant idea to take it fishing. We recommend cleaning your kayak after every trip, salwater causes some metal parts to rust and other parts to get damaged. Wash your kayak with a mild soap solution and rinse thoroughly with fresh water. A light spray of displacing lubricant like WD-40 on metal parts can provide good protection. Check local hardware or marine supply stores for other corrosion protectants. Store your kayak while not in use in a dry place and away from direct sun light. Treat all your fishing gear the same way too.

Native fishing saltwater kayak
Feelfree dorado 125 saltwater kayak
SlayProp 13 saltwater kayak

Where To Buy Fishing Kayaks In Dubai?

There are quite a few fishing kayak dealers in Dubai and the UAE. If you wish to buy a fishing in Dubai it could be challenging and you may end up with the wrong kayaks! This is why we recommend you contact a company that has the passion for our sport, they have the experience and they will put you in the right track right from the start. They are also active on the water and they are more than happy to teach and support you. This is why we recommend buying fishing kayaks and kayak accessories from Maui Kayak Shop in Dubai

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