Shark Bites

Shark bites kingfish, what a story! I took my wife and kids to the beach the other day, and decided not to go kayak fishing. That was a very tough decision, but sometimes you have to pick! Dubai beaches are stunning, and it’s really fantastic to spend time there with family. But my passion for kayak fishing was stronger. My friends were already out in the sea, i received a lot of fishing reports from almost everyone out there. I was wishing to be out there with them, this is so irresistible! 

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While enjoying my time on the beach, i checked our club whatsapp group, and noticed that my friend Ashley had an encounter with a shark! I quickly called him and he confirmed it. He said he was on his way to exit the water, it was exactly where i was sitting! A few minutes later, a kayak was approaching and i knew it was him. His kayak was the only one with a motor and a Rasta flag on the front hatch. I saw him laughing from far, not sure if he was laughing at my small belly or at his story.

Kayak Angler in Dubai

Myself and my kids ran towards him and there she was, a king fish split in half! Ashley is really good at catching large kingfish with live bait. I quickly asked him how did this happen? He said, i got a massive strike while live bait fishing. I started reeling and the fish gave me one of the best fights ever. Reeled until the fish gave up and started to surface slowly slowly. I suddenly felt the fish pulling with massive power for a second, and then it felt a bit lighter. I pulled the fish up to see it the way you see it now. It was a Shark man! R

That king fish would have been 20kg at least. Too bad he lost the biggest king fish he ever caught, it was his trophy fish. He did not seem sad about it at all, i think he was happy to have been through that experience for the first time.

I personally think it was scary, and it was very brave of him to still pull the fish out of water knowing there is a shark after that kingfish. 

Looking at Ashley’s face holding that half kingfish is a real trophy after all. You never know what could happen in the sea, maybe he will catch the shark itself next time haha. 

Shark bites kingfish, a short story by angler Ismail 

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